Pre Settlement Funding Georgia

Pre Settlement Funding Georgia

If you’re waiting on a personal injury case to settle in court, you probably have bills piling up. You may be wondering how you’re going to continue to make ends meet without any money coming in, or on the limited income your family is living on. Pre settlement funding from Legal Funds Now in Georgia can help.


If you can’t work or are on limited work duty and have tried to get a loan from your bank, you’ve probably been met with a denial.That’s because the bank will usually only loan money based on the premise that you’ll be able to work and pay the loan off. Pre settlement funding in Georgia is different from a loan, in fact, it’s not really a loan at all.


With pre settlement funding, you can get a cash advance based on the strength of your case alone, with no outside qualifiers. The process of applying with Legal Funds Now is quick and easy Take a look at their five step process:


- Easy online application, Complete an application online from, or call a settlement funding specialist at 866-540-2001 if you have any questions. It takes only a few minutes of your time to get started.


- Attorney contact. Legal Funds Now will contact your attorney to learn more about your lawsuit case. All information gathered with regard to your case is kept strictly confidential.


- Records release. When you complete your application with Legal Funds Now for pre settlement finding in Georgia, you are authorizing your attorney to release your records. If your attorney requests additional documentation, Legal Funds Now will provide this form for your signature. They’ll take care of the rest of the details.


- Case evaluation. Within 48 hours of receiving all required documents, Legal Funds Now will make an independent evaluation of your lawsuit case


- Final Documentation for fast funding. If your application is approved, Legal Funds Now will prepare the necessary paperwork. Once they receive everything, you can have your legal funding cash in as little as 24 hours.


You may not realize that most personal injury cases can go on for many months, sometimes even years! There are many types of delays that can keep you waiting on your settlement, and keeping the bills piling up as well. Whether it’s your mortgage, rent, utility bills, auto loan payments, doctor bills or other bills coming in, Legal Funds Now knows you have financial responsibilities to meet. They’re able to help you, with a cash advance in the form of pre settlement funding for your Georgia claim.


When it comes to long-drawn-out legal battles, the pressures of time may be working against you. A full and fair settlement may be weeks, months or even years away. Can you afford to wait that long?


Let Legal Funds Now get you the pre settlement funding you need for your Georgia case. Call a loan specialist now at 866-504-2001 and stop worrying. Apply for a lawsuit loan that is guaranteed on the strength of your case. If you don’t win- you never have to pay back the loan. If you do win, you repay only after you receive your settlement.

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Pre Settlement Funding Georgia
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Pre Settlement Funding Georgia Pre Settlement Funding Georgia