Settlement Funding Georgia

Settlement Funding Georgia

Have you heard of settlement funding from Legal Funds Now in Georgia? If you’re currently involved in an injury or medical malpractice case and are waiting for your claim to be settled, you can get immediate cash to pay off bills and manage living expenses with a pre settlement loan. Unlike a traditional loan from a bank, settlement funding is based on the strength of your case, and not on your financial worth.


Waiting for a settlement for a medical malpractice claim can be intolerable. Due to the complexity and serious nature of medical malpractice cases, they can take month and even years to settle. The personal injury or death related to these cases can often be devastating to the victims and to their families. If the victim is seriously hurt, they may not be able to return to work, or may have restrictions with regard to work. With a limited cash flow it can be difficult to keep up with living expenses. Settlement funding in Georgia can help.


Medical malpractice covers many different kinds of improper treatment by medical professionals that has led to a patient’s unnecessary and avoidable injury, suffering or death. Some of the more common include: delayed or failed diagnosis, medication errors, surgery malpractice, birth or pregnancy injuries to mother or child, nursing home negligence, anesthesia malpractice and many others. 


If you’re waiting on a medical malpractice claim, you can protect your family from financial hardship by applying for settlement funding from Legal Funds Now in Georgia. A medical malpractice settlement cash advance can get you the money you need to stay current with your bills and allow your attorney more time to get you the settlement you deserve.


You may be surprised to learn that medical malpractice settlement funding is not a loan. In fact, it’s even better! There are no upfront fees or monthly payments, no credit or employment checks. The funds are advanced to you strictly according to the strength of your case alone. If your case loses in trial or does settle, you owe nothing! 


The application process for settlement fencing from Legal Funds Now in Georgia is quick and easy. You can apply online at, or call 866-540-2001 to get started right now.


To be eligible to apply for medical malpractice settlement funding in Georgia, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: You must be currently involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit or legal claim, you must be currently represented by an attorney, and you must need cash immediately to pay your bills and manage your monthly living expenses.


Fighting for a full and fair legal settlement can take time. If you’re waiting but there is no end in sight, call Legal Funds Now and apply for settlement funding. There is absolutely no risk to you because if you don’t win your case, you never have to pay back the funding. Call to apply now at 866-504-2001 and get the cash you need to live your life.

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Settlement Funding Georgia
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