To qualify for pre settlement lawsuit funding, you must meet these requirements:

  • You Are Involved in a Pending
    Lawsuit or Legal Claim

  • You Are Represented
    by an Attorney

  • You Need Cash to Pay
    Your Bills While Your Lawsuit
    is Pending

Fighting for a full and fair legal settlement takes time. It might be months, even years, before you receive any cash from your legal claim. Legal Funds Now can help you with your current financial needs. If you are involved in a legal claim and have an attorney, we may be able to advance you up to $500,000.

The process is quick and simple with approvals in less than 48 hours. There is NO risk to you: if you do not receive a cash settlement, you do NOT pay us back.  If you win your legal case, you don’t repay us until you collect your settlement. Approval for pre settlement lawsuit funding is based on the strength of your case.

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