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Georgia auto accident lawsuit funding is now available for emergency cash financial help before a victim’s case settles in court. For injured plaintiffs who are frustrated with the long wait for their case to finalize, the wait just got a whole lot easier!  Lawsuit funding in Georgia gets you the cash you need now, long before the case finally settling in court.

Determining Compensation in Auto Accident Cases

Once you hire a personal injury attorney in Georgia, you’ll work with them to determine what compensation you deserve. Here are a few of the areas you will consider:

Medical Bills: Due to your injuries you will probably have bills for emergency room, hospital stay, physician visits, and physical therapy – just to name a few. Also, there are tests, surgery, and treatment from specialists. Your car accident compensation should not only include present bills, but an expected amount to cover future medical treatment needs.

Pain & Suffering: Due to the kind of injuries, how severe they are, and how long they last, you will may be rewarded with reparation for “pain and suffering” you endured.

Loss of Wages:  You may have missed work, or can no longer work, or can only work part time.  Your attorney will create a line item in your requested settlement taking this loss of work into account.

Reduced Earnings:  If you have an injury causing a disability, or if you suffered long term injuries in the auto accident, this loss of wage should also be added to your compensation request.

Once your attorney determines the total amount of compensation to request, this is the amount you can expect to receive when you case reaches final settlement.

How to Pay Bills?

Personal injury lawsuits can take time; even though you and your attorney are confident you have a winning case – it can be a long wait to reach a final settlement in court. In the meantime, you will need money to get by. Your life has changed since your auto accident, and without money to compensate you, there is no way you’ll be able to meet overall living expenses.  This is just the right time to take advantage of Georgia lawsuit funding!

Lawsuit funding is available for auto accident plaintiffs in Georgia. You might think this financial help is a loan While sometimes they are referred to as a “loan”, this type of financial help is very different than a typical loan.

First of all, application is easy and doesn’t require a credit check, or employment history, or even collateral.  Approval is based on the strength of your case, and its chances of winning in court.  It’s that simple!

And the best part is, lawsuit funding does not have to be repaid until the case settles in court. There are NO monthly payments, or interest payments like regular loans. AND in the event your case loses in court, you never ever have to repay even a cent of the money you received. Guaranteed.

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Prospect Funding Partners, a lawsuit funding company, provides lawsuit cash advances for Georgia auto accidents.  Funds can be available in 24 Hours. There are No Credit Checks and No Risk to you. Pay back only if your case wins.  If your case loses, you owe nothing.  Guaranteed.

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