How It Works

What is Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding?
Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding is a cash advance provided to a plaintiff in a pending a lawsuit or insurance claim. This funding is provided to help plaintiffs with their immediate financial needs for living expenses and other financial obligations, such as medical care, while pursuing a fair and just claim. With Legal Funds Now legal funding, if you do not win your lawsuit or receive a settlement, you are not required to repay the funds. We do not check your employment or credit history. Lawsuit funding is based on the quality of you pending claim.

  • Online Application and
    No Upfront Origination Fees

    You need cash for everyday expenses, not hassles. Our application takes just a few minutes to complete and request pre settlement lawsuit funding. Fill out the application, and we’ll handle the rest – from contacting your attorney to preparing the necessary paperwork.
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  • Legal Funding Based on
    Quality of Claim

    WE ARE NOT A BANK! Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, we don’t check your employment or credit history. Legal funding is based solely on the quality of your lawsuit, not your current financial situation.

  • Notification to Attorney
    About Application

    IMPORTANT: Once you have applied for pre settlement lawsuit funding, notify your attorney immediately. Authorize and instruct your attorney to release any information we may request. We cannot process your application without your attorney’s cooperation.

  • Receive Cash in Less
    Than 24 Hours

    Once your attorney provides us with the information we need we can then fully evaluate your application. Once approved for lawsuit funding, cash can be received in less than 24 hours.

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