Lawsuit Cash Advance

A lawsuit cash advance is for those who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit and need access to cash immediately to cover everyday living expenses, medical bills and more. It is an advance of your settlement and can help while you fight for a fair agreement to be reached. In addition to providing relief in the present, a lawsuit cash advance gives your attorney more time to negotiate the best settlement.

The advance is provided regardless of credit standing, employment, or financial history. Approval is based solely on the strength of your case. If you lose, you are not responsible for paying back the funds.The application process is simple and can be quickly started online. There are no application or upfront fees. Approvals can be reached within 48 hours.


    "I have tremendous relief because of their quick decision to help me...I immediately paid off my car and other debts that were completely necessary...I now have peace of mind."

    - Pat S


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Why Legal Funds Now Is The Choice For You

No risk or monthly costs– only repay when

your case is won

Qualify for up to $500,000

Free application and no upfront or cash out ofpocket fees

Lump sum or monthly installment options

No credit approvals or employment history checks

Funding within 24 hours of signed approvals