Amusement Park SafetyAmusement park safety is in question after two recent roller coaster accidents involving falls. Both incidents happened within days of each other, one of them being fatal. The question people are asking is: “what more can be done to prevent these injuries?”

The first incident involved a woman at Six Flags, in Arlington, Texas. The woman was on the Texas Giant roller coaster. She fell approximately 75 feet to the ground after she reportedly tried to tell a Six Flags attendant that her lap band did not feel properly secure. The woman died from traumatic injuries sustained during her fall.

The second incident involved a woman in Montana, who was on the Zipper at the Montana State fair. The woman fell approximately 8 to 10 feet and hit her head during the fall. It was not clear how severe her injuries were.

Incident data shows that most restraint failure incidents involve the restraint system opening unexpectedly during the ride, or the rider defeating the restraint system intentionally. There have been suggestions that the most effective way to keep these accidents from occurring would be to have secondary restraints on all rides. These would prevent the rider from falling if the primary restraint failed.

In these types of cases the injured individuals or their family may find themselves involved in a legal claim against the park. While waiting for a legal settlement, they may need quick and easy cash to assist with past due bills. This is an instance where pre settlement lawsuit funding may provide the help needed.


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