Investing in Justice by Max VolskyInvesting in Justice is Max Volsky, author of Investing in Justice, is a pioneer of the legal Finance Industry.

For more than a decade, he has been influential in fostering the development of this market, having overseen more than 10,000 investments in lawsuits.  Max is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of LexStone Capital, which funds commercial claims. He is also a partner at the law firm of Schmidt, Volsky & Perle LLP, where he focuses on international business law and arbitration. right for you. Written by a distinguished expert, Investing in Justice is vital reading for investors, consumers, lawyers, policymakers, business executives, and anyone who can benefit from having an easy step by step process for understanding this industry.

The pre settlement funding industry is a relatively new industry, having only been in existence for approximately fifteen years. In his book Volsky explains how this growing industry can assist plaintiffs.  Often in many cases or claims, the plaintiffs lack the necessary funds to continue to pursue a fair settlement. The defendants may have vastly superior financial means providing them with an advantage over the plaintiff and the ability to draw the case out. Lawsuits can end up settling for less than what they are worth or even never proceed because the plaintiff financially cannot continue. With the assistance of pre settlement lawsuit funding, plaintiffs are able to gain access to the legal system and pursue their case.

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