Car RecallsIt is fairly easy to run across a news item discussing auto manufacturer recall stories. Along with General Motors (GM), the most disturbing story of late, Toyota and Mazda are recalling millions of cars with defects.

General Motors recalls have had the biggest impact in the news. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently accused GM of having “critical information that would have helped identify this defect”. The defect on the Chevy Cobalt was a failed ignition switch which caused the cars to stop while in motion and the airbags not to deploy. In 2005, many who had dealt with the ignition issue, complained to dealers and directly to GM with little recourse. A family filed suit when their daughter was killed in a Cobalt accident in 2010 due to the faulty ignition. In 2013, GM went after this family for legal fees. Currently, over one million Cobalts with this life threatening malfunction have been recalled. Another million of other GM models are also recalled. Due to the tragedy of not recognizing or ignoring the problem(s), 26 people have died. Those who knew of the issues did not want to take the costly responsibility to fix it. Currently, there is a brain injury lawsuit filed against GM for one of the severely injured survivors in the Fourth Judicial District Court in the State of Minnesota.

On the heels of GM recalls, Mazda and Toyota have joined in recalling vehicles in mass proportions. Mazda and Toyota have seen malfunctions related to fuel tank and airbags. No injuries have been reported from the Toyota or Mazda malfunctions but this could be the genesis for upcoming recall class action lawsuits. Though you would hope your car manufacturer and the NHTSA would look out for your best interests and safety, it is important to be aware of all car recall notices.

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