Four years later, Gary Townsend is receiving $1.2 billion after filing for nursing home negligence on behalf of his mother. Gary said that his mom fell repeatedly at the nursing homethumbnail and ultimately died because of her injuries. The incidents were a result of improper supervision at the home. The Christian Post (7/24/13), stated that Gary Townsend’s mother fell 17 times at Auburndale Oaks Healthcare Center, where she died at the age of 69.

Just like Gary, Sandra Ham was awarded $150,000 plus legal fees in a lawsuit after alleged negligence at a nursing home nearly killed her son. World-Herald Bureau (7/25/13) reported that a judge found staff at the Beatrice State Developmental Center failed to prevent her son from pulling out his feeding tube, after they initially inserted it improperly. As a result, food ended up in the patient’s abdominal cavity, causing pain and an infection. Sandra’s son survived, but suffered serious injuries.

For both Gary and Sandra, a lack of proper care severely affected them and their loved ones. Had the nursing homes taken proper care of their patients, these incidents could have been prevented. These are situations that we hope never happen, but when they do, victims may become financially strained due to the additional medical costs. Pre settlement lawsuit funding can provide the money needed to pay bills until a settlement is reached.

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