Pre-Settlement Advance

Get the cash you need to pay for living expenses and other financial obligations while you pursue a just and fair settlement. Legal Funds Now provides pre-settlement funding to clients awaiting a pending claim or lawsuit. You only repay the funds if you win or settle your case.

The application process for a pre-settlement advance is quick and easy. We do not check your credit or employment history, because approval is based on the quality of your pending claim. The process from application to cash in your account can take as little as 48 hours.



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Why Legal Funds Now Is The Choice For You

No risk or monthly costs
– only repay when
your case is won
Qualify for up to $500,000
Free application and no upfront or cash out of
pocket fees

Lump sum or monthly installment options

No credit approvals or employment history checks

Funding within 24 hours of signed approvals